All our chaps and chinks are made of quality leather  a lot of buck stitching.  The chap styles we have are  Texas Style Bells and Arizona Bells.  Here is a pair of Gerry’s chaps.  This is a pair of awesome Arizona Bells made out of about five to six ounce light oil distressed tanned light blue chap leather with the smooth side out. They are trimmed with the same chap leather rough side out and buck stitched with latigo lace leather. They have inlays in the stiffeners in the shape of an armadillo on one leg and a road runner on the other in lime green leather. They have a nickel plated cart buckle and a stainless tie ring. There are two outside pockets. These are a heavy duty pair of chaps ready to go to work.


Our custom leather makers include Wes Klein from Canyon, Texas.  Wes is a part time maker who has cowboyed on various ranches but is mainly training horses now.  We also have a  local grumpy old cowboy from Happy, Texas that custom builds leather products for us.  He has been building cowboy gear since the 1970's  and does a really nice job.  We also have some nice chaps made by Gerry Gesell.  Gerry has cowboyed on a lot of different ranches. This past year he worked on the King Ranch and is now working in Wyoming as a horse trainer. Gerry has been building chaps for quite some time and really knows how to build a nice pair of leggins.



This is a well made quality pair of chinks with a lot of buck stitching. These chinks are made out of about five to five and a half ounce brown chap leather rough side out. They are trimmed in gold four to four and a half ounce chap leather smooth side out. They are buck stitched with cream lace leather. They have a heavy skirting leather belt. They have a nickel plated cart buckle on the belt. There are ten stainless conchos. The yoke is triple thick. These would be a great pair of using chinks.




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Here is a really cool video from one of our favorite customers. Blayke is a hard working cowboy from Nebraska and a great guy.  This video is of his dog Bear working the drag. At the very end you can see a pair of our chinks on his daughter! Thank you Blayke for sharing this with us!